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EPE Machine

Today, higher standard packaging solution is widely used in packing goods due to its attractive advantages. As a result of its popularity, the EPE machine has come to people’s sight which refers to the equipment and auxiliary equipment used to produce or process pearl cotton.

The production machinery of pearl cotton mainly refers to the machine used to produce polyethylene foamed sheet and other shape of polyethylene material. It includes EPE Foam sheet machine,EPE Pipe foam Machine, EPE Fruit Net Foam Machine, EPE Lamination and EPE Bonding Machine.

Firstly, the EPE sheet machine must be worth mentioning. It mainly extrudes simple and original pearl cotton sheet which is used for standard wrap and package.

Secondly, we will talk about the EPE Fruit Net Machine. It is a kind of the Pearl cotton foaming machine which is specializing in fruit network extrusion. The main raw material is LDPE particles and the biggest advantage is the serial screw and partition independent heating, to ensure good heating and accurate plasticizing. In this way, the machine is simple to operate and convenient to troubleshoot. The final fruit net foam products is used to wrap apple, orange and other fruit etc.

Thirdly, the EPE Bonding Machine must also have a name in this passage. Pearl cotton welding machine is a special medium heating equipment for PVC,TPU,EVA and other plastics. Its main principle is applied to thermoplastic when high frequency plastic (PVC) interface, it will produce the high frequency vibration of tens of thousands of times per second. The vibration will reach a certain amplitude of high frequency vibration through the machine on the clamp mold high frequency energy transfer to the welding area. As a result of the two welding interface resistance, thus can produce local high temperature. However, due to the poor thermal conductivity of plastics, they cannot be distributed in a timely manner and gather in the welding area, which leads to the rapid melting of two plastic contact surfaces. In addition, certain pressure makes them melt into a whole. When the high-frequency waves stop working, the pressure is allowed to freeze for a few seconds to form a strong molecular chain that can be welded to close to the strength of the raw material. When using a pearl cotton welder to weld plastic products, people do not need to add any adhesives, fillers or solvents, and do not consume a large number of heat sources. It has the advantages of simple operation, fast bonding speed, high boding intensity and high production efficiency.

Lastly, we need to discuss the EPE lamination Machine. It includes EPE special-shaped pearl cotton laminating machine, EPE hot air pearl cotton laminating machine, automatic pearl cotton laminating machine and etc. The EPE laminating machine is mainly used for pearl cotton series, packaging products, soles, paperboard, leather and other products that need gluing and are not afraid of extrusion. The product is compressed by roller press and belt drive, which increases the degree of glue and replaces the traditional manual press.

The EPE machine can solve so many industrial packing problems. To start a EPE machine, you could contact with us.

EPE Machine