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EPE Foam Machine Fruit Net Extrusion Line

EPE foam net is a new type of soft packaging material, which is widely used in the packaging of glass products, precision instruments and various fruits due to its unique expandable network structure and rich elasticity.  We can often see that some workers put a layer of net cover on fruits, vegetables, flowers and bottles. The purpose of this layer of net cover is to prevent objects from collision result in scars. Therefore, the epe foam fruit next can properly protect the fruit from damaging. And the  EPE foam machine fruit net extrusion line is able to produce the epe fruit net.

First of all, we need to introduce EPE foaming machine which principle is very simple and easy to understand. EPE foaming machine is specialized in making fruit net and epe sheet. The main raw material is LDPE particles. In addition, frequency conversion is used to produce various nets of products through different molds, ranging from strawberry to bottles packaging. At this point, it can be seen that EPE foaming machine has a very strong flexibility, and can completely produce products suitable for the needs of the characteristics of the object to be served. We can use a word to summarize: EPE foaming machine can protect different products; the same equipment can be used to produce a variety of nets, one machine is multi-purpose. So understand the principle of EPE foaming machine, the basic principle of the whole EPE foaming machine fruit net extrusion line can be clearly understood.

Next, it is necessary to introduce the characteristics of EPE foaming machine fruit net extrusion line. Its biggest advantage is that the continuous screw and diaphragm are heated independently to ensure good heating and accurate plasticization. The frequency conversion motor he adopted also has the functions of automatic protection motor, low noise, power saving etc. Also, EPE foam is a new type of foaming material for strong cushioning, shock proofing capabilities. EPE is an environmentally-safe foaming material that can be recycled.

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EPE Foam Fruit Net Extrusion Line