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Transport Pulp Pallets Challenge Wooden Pallets

Many companies ditch wood pallets for shipping good in favor of paper derived alternative. Its motivation to both cut transportation expenses and to reduce its environmental impact. Regardless of what company does think, the paper pallet strategy is another example of how sustainability initiatives promise to rewrite the rules of many existing industries and assumptions about the way we "have to" do business. Today, the new molded pulp pallets is challenging the wooden pallets as a new alternative pallet.



Advantages of Pulp Pallets


- Very high compressive strength, 


- One of the cheapest filling materials, 


- Low weight - a couple of times lighter than wood (often used in air transport), 


- Easy and cheap disposal, no pollution of the natural environment, 


- Reduction of transport and storage costs, 


- Standard and individual dimensions, 


- Strength,


- Lower transport costs, 


- They are not subject to sanitary inspection in harbor.

Transport Paper Pallet