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Pulp Molded Packaging Products Equipment

Nowadays people all over the world pay more attention to environment protection, more and more paper packaging products replaced plastic ones. MAX MOLDED PULP CORPORATION provided a sustainable packaging option: Green business greening the world.


The mission of 21 century is to achieve an eco-friendly world, to find out a green packaging solution. The paper molded fiber products is no longer just a fashion to follow but a serious investment for the future .Its features of eco-friendly, recyclable and biodegradable to accept by the people on the earth.


At present, pulp molded packaging products covered various kinds of garden supplies, medical supplies, electronics packaging supplies, cosmetic inner packaging supplies ,industrial packaging  and different kinds of disposable paper tableware. MAX MOLDED PULP CORPORATION is one of the biggest manufacturers who are not content to offer greet moulded pulp products but its main aim to supply paper pulp molded packaging tray equipment to all over the word . To make sure all countries from the world could produce composite packaging and completed packaging solutions through associated carton factories and timber mills to satisfy eco-friendly packaging requirement of high performance and low cost .


What kind of products does MAX MOLDED PULP CORPORATION provide?




4L capacity waterproof home use paper pulp trashcan

Recycled paper molded pulp packaging two bottle wine insert

Recycled paper molded pulp packaging two wine bottle tray

Recycled paper white molded pulp 3 wine bottles packaging wine packaging.

Recycled molded paper pulp beer bottle packaging

Waterproof home use paper molded pulp square trashcan paper waste bin

Molded pulp paper industrial corner protector

Paper molded pulp industrial corner protector

Molded pulp paper corner protector

Paper shoe insert shape/recycle paper molded pulp shoes fillers

Waterproof home use paper pulp round trashcan waste container

Recycle pulp packaging wine shipper bottle tray

Recyclable packing paper pulp tray molded for electricity saving lamp

Molded Pulp phone packaging industrial packaging total solution

Wet-Press Molded pulp electronics packaging integrated solution



2x5 moulded fiber organic big planting pots

Pulp flower pots

Moulded Pulp flower pots

2*3 or 2*6 nursery pots

2*3 or 2*6 biodegradable moulded pulp seeding cups /pots

6cm/8cm square moulded pulp seeding cups/peat pots

6cm/8cm biodegradable round seeding cups

8cm square moulded fiber plant pots 



Coffee paper cup carrier paper 2 pulp tray

Paper pulp 4 cup tray coffee paper cup carrier

Compostable sugarcane/wheat straw pulp 6 inch food box

Compostable wheat straw /sugarcane pulp 10 inch plate

Biodegradable box mould pulp hamburger box

Biodegradable bagasse pulp 6 inch food box

Renewable paper pulp 6inch plate

Sugarcane 10 inch three compartments plate

2-cell or 4-cell cup holder /carrier/tray

Disposable Clamshell fast food box

Eco-friendly sugarcane/paper food tray


4. From the view of FRUIT /VEGETABLE TRAYS


Moulded pulp vegetable carton /box

Paper pulp fruit box

Moulded pulp berries tray fruit tray biodegradable recycled fiber tray


Disposable female urinal bottle

Disposable urinal bottle

Disposable measuring jug

Disposable general purpose bowl

Fracture basin

Disposable bedpan

Disposable basin of Vomiting

Biodegradable kidney tray

Hygiene pulp disposable vomit basin

Disposable medical supplies hygiene pulp bedpan liner

Paper pulp disposable waterproof hygiene pulp kidney tray

Disposable medical supplies waterproof bedpan

Water proof natural fibre paper pulp bedpan


5. From the view of ART&CRAFT TRAY

Paper pulp unprinted snowflake DIY Christmas hang

Paper pulp unprinted DIY paper crafts Christmas decoration

Paper pulp DIY white masks

Paper pulp DIY white animal masks party articles Hallowmas animal masks party articles

Paper Pulp Hallowmas animal masks




Eco-friendly high quality new design cardboard pallet

Eco-friendly high quality new design customized corrugated paper pallet

Eco-friendly high quality new design customized honeycomb pallet

Shipment forklift honeycomb pallet

1.2m*1m moulded plant fiber pallets

1.2m*1m moulded press plant Europallet

Paper rectangle pallet for shipment forklift paper pallet

Paper pallet for shipment forklift paper pallet


Besides that, MAX provide all these paper molding equipment , The same paper molding tray machine could produce any kind of packaging products by changing the molds accordingly .



To accomplish to eco-friendly world, everyone should use the paper products machine, MAX  would establish a green, sustainable development and harmonious community with you hand by hand.

Fruit Pulp Tray