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Pulp Egg Tray Machine

MAX Molded Pulp machine re-use and recycle the waste paper resource, converting the waste paper to a variety kinds of egg tray, egg box, egg carton, fruit tray and other pulp molding products. Our eco-friendly pulp molding machine significantly reduces the wastage and pays back the investment.


We adopt the advanced PLC and multiple layers of dryer over than traditional button control which cannot precisely control machine and single layer dryer that dominate a large space and consume energy. Our rotary drum machine can be designed as 4 molds, 6 molds and 4 molds to meet with different capacity demands. MAX Molded Pulp egg production line can produce egg tray and egg box at the same time. The egg tray products can meet with EU and USA standard.


For your egg tray production line, you could contact with MAX Molded Pulp.

Egg Tray Molds