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PLC Egg Carton and Egg Tray Machine Line

MAX Molded Pulp machine is designed to produce a high quality pulp molding production including egg tray, egg carton, egg box and paper pallets etc. With over eight years of experience in the pulp molding industry, we pride ourselves in our ability to professionally guide our clients from concept to completion.

Egg Tray Making Machine

MAX PLC control egg carton, egg tray and egg box machine line is the ideal choice for starting your commercial egg packaging business. Energy saving, high products quality and less investment contribute your successfully business.


Our forming machine can simultaneously produce egg tray, egg box and egg carton. Hence, you can quickly response the market demand and change different egg package. You just simple change the molds to produce a new egg packaging.


Our forming machine precisely absorbs the pulp and forms egg packaging with less burrs. The egg tray is more smooth and flat. The egg packaging burrs and uneven shape bother many clients. MAX egg tray machine can significantly avoid this scenario.


The dryer is the main energy consumption part. To avoid the energy consumption and fast dry the production are always the goals we pursue. Therefore, we design a multiple layers of dryer with good quality insulation to reduce heat loss. The multiple layer of dryer also takes a small space.


MAX Molded Pulp specialize in the molding pulp production including egg tray, egg carton and egg box and pulp pallets etc.

Egg Tray and Egg Box Machine