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Paper Pallets Machine Manufacturer

As a viable alternative to heat-treated wood pallets, mould pulp paper pallets offer a variety of savings including time and money. Hence, MAX Molded Pulp provide the paper pallets machine to supply the paper pallets.


What’s the Paper Pallets Advantages?


Freight Savings
Heavy wood block pallets can add nearly a ton of dead pallet weight, which reduces the amount of product loading. Paper pallets are much lighter which reduce the shipping weight.


Product Damage Savings
Manufacturers shipping fragile products realize a reduction in product damages caused by broken wood slats, protruding nails, and double stacking heavy pallets. Paper pallets are much safer.


Landfill Savings

MAX Molded Pulp pallets are captured and re-pulped by the waste or raw paper material, rarely entering a landfill. Hardwood pallets are one of the biggest solid waste contributors to landfills.


Treated Pallet Elimination

Some countries have stopped receiving wood pallets due to the wood boring insects they transport. MAX Molded Pulp pallet prevents your products from being held at port.


Wood Pallet Injury Elimination

Pallet related injuries to employees and customers caused by heavy wood pallets and poor pallet quality are eliminated with smooth, light weight pulp pallets.


For starting your new molded pulp pallets, you could contact with MAX Molded Pulp.

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