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MAX Pulp Molded Industrial Packaging Line

We mainly supply the EPE Making Machine, Egg Tray Making and Paper pallet making machine which offer a package solution. The applicable industries area of these products could be in high-quality electrical products packaging, wearable smart devices packaging, electronics packaging, cartons packaging, forklift shipment ,printing industry ,wine industry, furniture industry, toy industry, cosmetic industry, jewelry industry.


MAX brand fully automatic pulp molded industrial packaging line consists of pulping system, molding system, drying and hot pressing system. Compared with normal pulp molded production line, MAX machine package production line has characters of high degree of automation, less area occupation and smoothness surface on both top and bottom. The super-fine pulp package production line could be two ways, fully controlled by PLC or mechanical and Pneumatic controlled running according to different demands. Upper forming molds base could be solid aluminium, ABS, engineering resin or copper even stainless steel chosed by clients. Platen size could be 1500x1500mm with hydraulic cylinder, size of products could be from 300x300 to 1200x1200mm. Max height could reach to 210mm.


Features of MAX brand machine


Stainless steel pulp tank with double-sided overflow

Forming Methods: Automatic reciprocating molding

Drying method: Full automatic thermoforming, Forming drying, pressing process are completed in one machine automatically and continuously

Forming efficiency: 30-300 seconds/drop (depending on the product)

All pipes( gas, water, pulp pipe) are made of stainless steel , vacuum tank and air compressor tank are coated with stainless steel

MAX forming machine precision: Plateness less than 0.1mm, pressing upper and lower plate parallel less than 0.25mm, repeat position accuracy less than 0.05mm


MAX Brand Molds

The molds designed by Max professional technical team are durable ,smooth ,non-scratch products and easy to adjust ,All of the molds are designed with fully considering of different fiber characteristics in forming, drying and hot pressing process, The molds are completed after dedicated CNC process, precise drilling ,professional mesh-warping and special surface treatment, The materials of tooling can be various according to customers’ requirements .

EPE Making Machine

EPE Sheet Making Machine

EPE Fruit Net Making Machine

EPE Sheet Bonding Machine

EPE Sheet Lamination Machine.

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