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Industrial Packaging Machine

Industrial Packaging Machine

Max industrial machine has wide range of application and it can produce various specifications and different thickness of paper products by changing the moulds accordingly.
  • Product Details

· Full automatic industrial packaging machine

·The procedures of pulping, forming, drying and hot-press shaping are completed in one machine automatically.

· This machine can apply to manufacture high quality pulp molding products, such as high-grade Euro pallet, industrial packaging, craft products, decoration urinal bottle and etc.

· The machine makes sure each surface of product is smooth, which increases the value of the products. Besides, Max industrial machine supports some special design printing, like company’s logo, which will certainly improve company’s image.

· The raw material for the super quality industrial products can be sugarcane bagasse pulp, bamboo pulp, wood pulp, straw pulp and other paper pulp, so that the products would be high density and great strength in certain shape.

· With thin thickness, reduce the cost of raw material. Easy package and piled, reduced transportation cost and improve economic benefits.

· Add some additives in the process to get special usability requirement. EG: waterproof, oil-proof, anti-static and etc.

· By adopting the international famous brand controls, like Simens /Tida servo motor to  perform steady.

·  Max industrial packaging machine has wide range of application and it can produce various specifications and different thickness of paper products by changing the moulds accordingly.


Working Theory

· The track or worker carries the raw material into the conveyor;

· The conveyor pours down the raw material into the hydra pulper mixing with certain mater;

· The mixed paper pulp will going into the pulp adjustment pond to be adjusted to a certain consistency;

· Next the pulp will flow into the second pond called supply pond, in which the pulp keeps a consistency stably;

· The pulp will be bumped into the forming machine. The fiber in the pulp will cover the wiremesh of the mold with the effect of the vacuum and air compressor .So the wet paper products are shaped and dried on the working platform;

· After that, the paper products can be edged or laminated the tectorial membrane according to clients’ requirement.

Max paper pulp mould forming /drying/pressing integrative machine is the equipment producing the paper products from paper pulp with special moulds by vacuum absorption, dewatering, demoulding, drying, shaping etc.

The equipment matched with machines, electricity and air ( hydraulic pressure) can be automatic controlled and the working continuous such as paper products forming, drying and shaping can be conducted in all-in-one machine. The wet products made by max brand machine with suitable thickness and high cleanness. Besides , Max machine could  produce high class paper products to meet high standard market.

Max Industrial machine also can be controlled by smart screen control system with a simple visual control board, so it is easy to operate.

Adopting PLC control system, the equipment has stable performance and high control accuracy.The main electrical elements and The main pneumatic element is Simens or famous euro brand

The thickness, humidity, time of forming, time of shaping and the temperature can be controlled by previous simple settings.


Main technical parameters:

1. Structure: one forming position at the middle of the machine. Two hot-press position at both sides of the machine.

2. Heating method: electricity or thermo-oil;

3. Maximum electric power: 80KW or 8×104kcal/H; (the machine not include heating plate. heating plate is together with mould).

4. Dimension of working plate: 850×850mm or more (according to the size of the products)

5. Work cycle: 30~40s, adjustable

6. Temperature of hot pressing: about 230°C at normal temperature, adjustable

7. Vacuum level: -0.07~-0.05MPa8. Compressed air input: 0.5~0.6MPa

Industrial Packaging Machine