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Forklift Honeycomb Pallets Machine

Forklift Honeycomb Pallets Machine

Max pallets machinery meets the CE certification, UL, SGS, etc. Fully –automatic controlled and Semi-automatic controlled.
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MAX Recycled pallet machine used waste paper, cardboard, magazine ect as raw material to recycling pulp making and wet forming into Euro pallets by the molds accordingly , The same type of Max machine which can also produce different kinds of products according to clients’ indeed ,such as any kinds of paper vegetable /fruit /food trays, Industrial packaging ,The most typically is the forklift honeycomb pallet. All these paper products produced by MAX machine are up to the environment standard.

The features of recycled forklift honeycomb pallets:

Thickness of honeycomb paperboard : 10-80mm

Material: honeycomb paper board thickness 20mm/30mm, wrapped paper edge protectors around.

Size: 120 * 100 cm, 110 * 110 cm, or 120* 80 cm or customized.

Wall: Single 3-ply, Double 5-ply, Triple 7-ply.

Customized : Color , Printing etc


Max forklift honeycomb pallets machinery meets the CE certification, UL, SGS, etc. Fully –automatic controlled and Semi-automatic controlled allowed. All the raw material and water could be recycled used in second process with low input and high return quickly project which is one of the most popular program accepted by clients both home and aboard.

Advantages of Max paper pallets include: 


Heavy duty triple wall corrugated construction 

Lighter weight than wood or steel

Thinner than wood , more products shipped on a load



Very flexible to adapt to special transport need .

Meet integrated Pollution Prevention and Control requirements

No fumigation

Environmental Friendly

Clean and dust free


Max technical teams will be responsible for instruction in installation, test running and training and one-year free of warranty.

forklift honeycomb pallet machine