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EPE Sheet Lamination Machine

EPE Foam Laminating Machines can rolls EPE foam sheet with aluminum-coating film by heat. And, it is the further processing equipment of EPE foamed sheet/film products. In addition, the foam lamination machine is to make the laminated product with PE film or aluminum foil.


And, the laminated foamed sheet can improve the features of water proofing and good surface. So it offers the packing solution for wooden floor, car lock, motorbike, electric appliance and ceramic.


We are highly engaged in offering a quality EPE foam lamination machine. And, advanced technology and quality parts assure the machine quality.


Laminated Sheet Examples

Suitable for laminating adhesive tapes, protective films, reflection films and silicon tapes. It's sticks with materials without base glue and other materials.


EPE Lamination Machine Features


Firstly. PLC controller can control temperature automatically. Temperature control system adopts precise sensor to control and detect material. And, the machine is constructed with high class components. So it ensures its effective performance.


Secondly. High speed laminating. It is equivalent to the efficiency of 5-8 operators. Laminating does not need to glue, consequently, EPE does not become yellow. the laminating is neat, not misplaced, fast speed and quality.


Thirdly. High-grade laminating configuration. EPE unwinding and PO film unwinding are all fully automatic tension systems.


Moreover. Easy to operate and maintain. Flexible operation is by PLC control system and touch screen. And, it allows for variable speed adjustment.


Finally. Comprehensive security protection system. It integrates the electric and gass. And, the heat generating device is placed on the top of the equipment to avoid contact with workers.


EPE Foam Laminating Machine mainly includes six parts. And, it's including laminating roller, rubber roller, temperature control system, driving system, winding and trimming unit. It adopts pneumatic lifting and pressure application mechanism. So it's more convenient for the adjustment of pressure.


The upper EPE is taken out by the principal axis. With the high-speed movement of the low temperature or high temperature heating plate,it removed 1~3mm. Then, it laminated together with the lower EPE quickly. This method replaces the tedious manual operation. The whole process is automatic metering, stable sticking, fast, high precision and ease of operation.


Also, we manufacture special models including epe foam sheet production line and epe fruit foam net extrusion line.


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EPE Foam Lamination Machine