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EPE Rod/Pipe Making Machine

EPE making machine can produce a wide range of EPE foaming product. For instance, the products can be sheet, pipe, rod, safe edge and angle bead material. EPE rod/pipe making machine is one of important epe production machine. And, it adopts advanced single alone butane physical foaming technology. Therefore, the epe pipe machine is with high foaming ratio, energy saving and high efficient. Furthermore, the products is with good elasticity and nice insulation features. The rod is widely used in electric, home appliances, furniture, artware and fruit. In addition, we can often see pipe insulation, kindergarten area and toy products cover with epe material.


EPE Rod/ Pipe Making Machine Features


1. High foaming rate. The equipment adopts advanced single machine foam process. And, the product has high foaming rate and energy saving.


2. Advanced cooling production process. Our water cooling method improves the cooling effect. So, the machine has a high speed production without distortion and deformation. Therefore, it can improve the production speed. Pipe production diameter range is from ⌀ 20 to ⌀ 100mm. And, the rod diameter is among  ⌀ 8~⌀ 80mm.


3. Digital automatic control model. This EPE foam pipe production line can automatically regulate its pipe diameter. And the diameter is about auto feeding, net-changing with no material alarm. In addition, it has a digital display, internal and external cooling control, solid non spark warming technique.


4. Multiple production processes. EPE pipe production line can produce a variety shape of foaming pipe and rod. It can work with different extrusion head and auxiliary units. So, the machine produces related foaming net, sheet, strip and fruit net etc.

The Design of EPE Machine


1. The standard design of the pipe head, spiral distribution of fluid, large flow space. And it ensures the melt has enough time to stay.


2. The optimal design of low melting temperature. And, the internal stress of the tube is small. Moreover, inside and outside the surface is smooth.


3. The copper spiral sleeve has an optimized design. And, it has a pre cooling and powerful vacuum suction. So, it is suitable for the high-speed extrusion pipe.


4. Energy saving. EPE pipe making machine is with frequency conversion control motor. As a result, this application can save 20-30% energy than the other machine.


5. The configuration of a single screw extruder polyolefin. It is with high speed extrusion and plasticization as well as other unique design.


6. Low temperature plasticization. it comes with low melting temperature and low temperature plasticization.


7. High efficiency extruder consists of a high torque gearbox result in high output.

Our Principle

We have been specialized in EPE foaming machine with auxiliary devices. And, we always patiently listen to customers’ production requirements and humbly accept the reason suggestions. With the innovating technology, we consistently improving machine quality. Therefore, our EPE rod production machine has a stable performance with a good reputation.


EPE Pipe Future


EPE rod/pipe making machine has a wide market in the future. It's high strength, toughness, corrosion and resistance. Without deformation, it's convenient transport. Also, it can be processed into can be bent into a long pipe of various size radian. Moreover, the epe pipe is popular in pack, construction, sport, art ware and electronic products etc.


The equipment is safe and stable in operation. It adopts explosion proof motor, frequency conversion speed. And, intelligent digital instrument and automatic control offer a convenient operation. More important, famous brand parts ensure quality reliable.


If you are looking for epe pipe supplier, contact us.

EPE Foam Pipe Machine