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EPE Foam Sheet Extrusion Machine

EPE Foam Sheet Machine Line is mainly used to produce EPE sheets. By the process of heat, melt, extrude, the LDPE granule is converted to polyethylene foam Sheet.


The final sheet is noise and heat insulation.


It offers cushion protection and less friction. Also, its moisture resistance and good elasticity.


It also can be used for other packing and filling purpose by coating or laminating.


EPE Sheet Machine Characteristics


Firstly,The advantage of EPE foam making machine is to make high foaming rate and light weight sheet. The sheet machine adopts advanced butane physical foam technology with high foam rate. In the same condition of raw material, our equipment can produce a longer sheet.


Secondly, it is a high automation equipment. And, the equipment includes


--Granule automatic feeder(CE Standard).


---Screw Tube(Different Size).


---High pressure meter pump.


---Anti- shrinking agent injection unit.


---Shaping drum unit.


---Haul-off unit.


---Winding unit.


--- Automatic alarm rotation.


---Explosion-proof motor.


---Intelligent digital meter. All of part guarantee efficient production.


Thirdly, High configuration device. Most of the main parts are the world-famous brand. Therefore, the machine has a reliable performance, a longer lifespan with less maintenance.


Fourthly, Versatility. It can shape to pipe, stick and net if we change the mold. As a consequence, products have many features such as soft, shockproof, elastic, clean and sanitary.


Moreover. Evenly feeding. PLC and touch screen easily control weigh, temperature and material level. Meanwhile, the weighing and material control system assures the density of the foamed material. Moreover, It makes the bead uniform, and keep the density tolerance within ±2.8%.


Finally. Water-cooled is a fast cooling method without pollutino. Most importantly, the EPE foaming machine and other equipment can be customized based on the your demand.


EPE Sheet Extrusion Application


Firstly, products are widely used in TV, stone, bicycle, furniture, precision instruments.


Secondly, combining with other materials, making bags lining and life jackets can use it. In addition, itcan be used for plastic green house, acoustic insulation and the construction material.


Machine Working process

Raw material →Mixing → Input →The Extruder, Plasticize mix → Filter and Extrude

Blowing agent → Blowing Injecting System

Through Extruder Head and Mold →Shaping Barrel Shape → Cooling and Cutting

Pull and flatten → Electrostatic Elimination → Winder→ Pack and Label → Stock

We specialized in EPE Foam Sheet Machine Line and the ancillary equipment. And,we are always humble accept the rationalization proposal of customers.Our EPE foaming machine is as the pioneer in the industry regarding to technology and quality. Also, we offer quality pre-sale advice and after-sale service. Finally, we offer the training until customer completely master of the technology.

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