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EPE Foam Extrusion Line

EPE foam extrusion line not only do not pollute the environment, but also can be recycled and reused. And, the epe product is widely used in car and ship interiors, sports mats, thermal insulation and packaging etc. We can see that EPE foam product will be more widely used in packaging and filling materials.


EPE Foam Extruder adopts advanced foaming design, high out production and energy efficiency. The explosion proof motor, frequency control and intelligent meter make it automatic control. As a result, it's safe and stable operation and easy to maintain. The quality is stable and reliable because of the selection of high-quality parts. Meanwhile, this machine is with advanced structure so it's more reliable and high-grade automation. It is easy to handle and maintain. And its output is high, being the preferable model compared with the domestic similar machine in performance and price.


Firstly, The foam line mixed raw materials into a feeding hopper and forms a bulky foamed sheet. Then by heating, melting, extrusion, catalysis and foaming, it come out with product. Generally, it includes three parts: granulation, extrusion and foaming. There are many features of machine such as premium structure, stable performance and uniform foaming. In addition, the less labor, safe, efficient and energy saving are very important. And, there are unique functions such as on-line inspection, auto feeding, product inspection and abnormal alarm. It further improves the auto level and safety of the production line. The foaming process is a physical process. After cooling, the auxiliary machine will cut, laminate or bond epe material. The customer can adjust the cutting length according to their own needs. We can use different molds to produce sheet, nets, rods and pipes for different purposes.


EPE Foam Extrusion Line Technical


1. The overall structure consists of extrusion main unit and auxiliary machines. It's including cooling air device, molding part, traction and cutting device.


2. Special screw structure, large amount of extrusion and high expansion ratio.


3. The rotating part of the die is interlocked by the whole barrel. It's for easy operation.


4.The equipment adopts advanced single machine foaming process. And, the product has high foaming rate and energy saving.


5. We can see many epe packing material formany industries such industry and agriculture.


We make many types of EPE foam making machine and other relative EPE machines. Our EPE foam line is available in various specifications. For example, there are sheet, net, rod, cover epe extrusion line. In addition, we would inspect epe foam line prior to ship in order to ensure a defect free production. Contact with us today. We recommend our EPE foam extrusion to you with excellent quality, reasonable price and good sales service.

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