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Egg Tray Making Machine, Egg Box and Egg Carton Machine

Egg Tray Making Machine, Egg Box and Egg Carton Machine

Manufacture Egg Tray Machine, Apple Tray Machine, Egg Box/Carton Machine, Urine Bottle, Paper euro Pallet.
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We specializes in the pulp molding machines including egg tray machine,apple tray machine, egg box/carton machine, urine bottle, paper euro pallet, industrial package and all paper pulp products. We mainly produce two kinds of forming machine : Reciprocating type and Rotary drum pulp machines.


The procedure of the pulp molding egg tray machines consist of three main systems:



Main equipments: Pulper, Vibrating Screen, Refiner, Consistency controller, Mixer, Pulp pumps, Water Pump, Control cabinet.



Single-rotary with 4-face or 8-face forming platens and 1 piece of transferring platen , Each face could be with different paper tray molds, Vacuum auto drain system , Auto cleaning system ,Vacuum pump , vacuum tank ,Air compressor ,Air compressor tank etc.



Two types : Single layer, Length for Each layer 40m-50m or 6-layer , Length for each layer 16-18m. Conveying chain, Stainless steel or Galvanzied Coverying sheets. Blower ,Exhaust ,Burner with Euro brand ,The energy for option :LPG,GAS ,DIESEL  OIL,COAL ,WOOD ETC.


SUBSIDARY EQUIPMENT: Automatic stacking and counting system. Packing system .


HEAT PRESSING SYSTEM : Mainly for egg cartons or high standard industry trays.  To make a beautiful surface of these paper trays to win the market and get more profit .


Egg Tray Machine/ Egg Carton Molds


We are leading position of technology in pulp molding industry. By professional processing technique and powerful R&D capability, the matching mold technology with integrated CNC machine to manufacturing top quality molds . There are two ways for manufacturing molds, the traditional way is through injection to get the model, the disadvantage is the range of the error could not be controlled, The new method is carved by CNC machine, It takes longer time but more precision than old ones .The different material could be made of plastic, ABS engineering Resin, Aluminium, Copper, Stainless steel etc, The shape could be made into any size. The final molds which produce the products are exactly with the samples provide by clients.

Egg Tray Machine Model



            MAX-300 D

          MAX-4000 D

          MAX-6000 D


           300 (Pcs/H)

          4000 (Pcs/H)

          6000 (Pcs/H)

Overall Size

           1.5*1.0 (M)

          38*12*3 (M)

          40*12*3 (M)

Total Power

           55.5 (Kva)

           255 (Kva)

           371.6 (Kva)

Total Weight

           2.1 (T)

           72.6 (T)

           84.1 (T)

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