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Egg Tray Making Machine

Egg trays are good protection shell for eggs during transporting and storage. Egg tray making machine is able to turn the wastage pulp in other the egg tray package. This production line mainly used for the products with simple structure but in big quantity, such as egg tray, egg box, egg carton fruit tray, and other pulp package.

Egg tray making machine fits for the mass production. Working with the high-efficient single layer/multi-layer drying line, the capacity of the completed production line is 400~6500pcs/h. If you run a chicken farm, you can have this machine to make paper egg trays for packing your eggs. Or, if you have amount of recycled paper, you can have this machine to make waste paper turn into egg trays.

Features of egg tray making machine 

1. High automation. The machine is controlled by PLC. High automation saves labor cost to achieve low production cost.

2. Energy and water saving. 30%~50% electricity is saved compared with other manufacture method. We equipped complete water treatment system for this machine.

3. Saving space. Efficient Multilayer dryer saves about 33% space compared with traditional dryer.

4. Stable craft. Final product can keep similar weight and dimension. The quality is high and appearance is good.

Egg Tray Four Main Parts

There are four main parts for egg tray manufacturing process: pulping system, molding system, drying line and packing system.

1.Pulping system. Our first step for produce egg trays is making slurry. In this process, we should use pulverizer to smash waste paper to get slurry. Meanwhile, the slurry concentration in the pulp pool should be carefully adjusted. The raw material can be old newspaper, cardboard, cartons, craft paper, old books and other kinds of recycled papers.

2.Molding system. With the help of air compressor and molding machine, the mixed slurry can be made to wet egg trays. If changing the mold, it can make egg cartons, apple trays and so on with the egg tray making machine.

3.Drying system. After forming, egg trays will be conveyed for drying through conveyor. There are traditional brick dying line and metal drying line for choices for automatic or semi-automatic production process. Drying can squeeze excess water in wet egg trays out and lead to minimal losses of poorly-formed trays.

4.Packing system. Hot press machine can squeeze large amounts of egg trays into together and reduce the volume. Packed egg trays can be transported conveniently.

Product information

Name: Automatic egg tray making machine

Usage: Produce the egg tray, egg box, fruit tray, cup holder, bottle tray.

Capacity: 400~6500pcs/h for choice

Custom processing: Yes

We are a professional egg tray making machine suppliers and enjoy a good reputation on the market. There are many models for various types and production capacity.

Why choose us?

1. Fair Price

With over decade manufacturing experience, we can provide you with egg tray making machine with high quality, competitive price and perfect after-sales service. Meanwhile, we can arrange the workers to complete the design and manufacture in short time. Therefore, all customers are satisfied with our service and product.

2.Comprehensive service

We have a professional multilingual team to serve you all the time. Besides, our designers and engineers can customize pulp molding dies according to your needs. We will provide you 24h per-sales and after-sale service. Once your machine breaks down, we have a full after-sales team to help you on maintenance. If you have any questions, we will answer you as early as possible.

3. Easy Operation

Egg tray making machine is automatic so that it is very easy to operate. In general, 3 workers can run a small egg tray machine. You can also save money on labor force input.

4. Low Operating Cost

Being energy-saving is one of the main features. Also, the failure rate of egg tray making equipment is much lower. In general, the paper egg tray making machine can work under a normal condition for 3 to 5 year.

We have good quality egg tray making machine and egg tray machine for sale. You can rest assured to buy egg tray machine from us. We provide most appropriate egg tray making machine with you and help save the packing cost and the cost of whole logistics process. Welcome to contact us!

Egg Tray Machine