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Egg Tray Machine Molds

As the spare parts of egg tray machine, we need regularly change different egg tray molds to meet with working requirement. The quality of egg tray molds/mould have an influence on the egg tray, egg box and egg carton result. Recently, we have helped our clients to replace the whole old egg tray molds, the total forming egg tray molds are eight plates plus transferring egg tray molds. The plastic material combining with aluminum material forge the egg tray molds robust and light weight. We use our knowledge and experience to find suitable solution for your egg tray molds.

Egg Tray Molds


MAX Molded Pulp is dedicated to manufacture high standard egg tray, egg box and egg carton machine and relative accessories parts. Please feel free to contact with us if you need more information.

Egg Tray Moulds

Plastic Egg Tray Molds

Plastic Egg Tray Molds

CNC Machine Fabric Egg Tray Molds

Egg Tray Molds CNC Machine