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Egg Tray Machine and Egg Carton Machine

We has been manufactured new concept pulp molding machine like egg tray machine and egg carton machine for clients all over the world .We are confident that you will be excited when you are seeing the new model egg carton/box/tray machine. We possess an advanced controlling system: Our skilled engineers have spent many years on testing, calculating and writing the advanced program to control the pulp molding machine precisely and correctly. Now we update the program to the 5th generation which bring us new experience. We help you to save energy and reduce consumption with our new designed pulp machine according to your waste paper, electricity, gas, water and temperature. You should tell us the price of the waste newspaper, carton board, electricity and gas or diesel. According to these we calculate and design a new pulp machine for you to save maximum energy. We could customize the pulp machine only for you. We offer a subscription model where we monitor your equipment and field service: staff visits once per year to help you improve the use of your equipment so as to extend the machine's life cycle.

Egg Tray Machine and Egg Carton Machine

Manufacturing a quality egg tray and carton is very important in some areas because the defect egg molded pulp packages are not accepted by clients and markets, and unable to protect the vulnerable egg products.MAX egg molding pulp machine can simultaneously produce egg carton and egg tray, and precisely control the smart PLC. Our pulp dryer is also available adopt diesel, wood, coal, gas and other energy to exert the maximum heat in order to completely dry molded pulp products.


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