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Egg Packaging Machine

There are many egg packaging companies in the market, supplying all kinds of egg tray/box/carton vertical or rotary drum packaging system.  Generally, a small amount of egg tray are formed by vertical machine including 600pcs egg tray per hour, 1000pcs egg tray per hour and 2000 pcs egg tray per hour. Over 2000pcs egg packaging, rotary drum machine will be more efficient.


Also, there are many factors which have influence on the egg packaging machine quality. Firstly, pulper, also is called wasted paper blender and mixer, fully mix and blend the wasted paper with water. Then, the liquid pulp flowing into the shaker screen is filtered and purified. The clean pulp is pumped into forming machine to produce the wet egg molding pulp packaging. Subsequently, conveyor dryer continuously dry egg molded pulp products. On the end of dryer, the packing & stacking machine automatically pack the egg packaging and stock in the warehouse.


Vacuum pump must correctly match with forming machine capacity because the less power vacuum pump will produce the defect egg packaging or watering egg packaging. It causes egg tray, egg box and egg carton collapsed or waste much heating energy of dryer. A premium vacuum pump can saves you much investment and consumption. Robust and high standard forming machine is able to continuously produce high capacity of egg packaging and perfect shape of egg tray. On the other hand, egg molding tools (moulds or dies) play an important role in the egg packaging forming machine. Sometimes, one set of egg molding tools is expensive than forming machine. There is no doubt that we need a quality egg forming machine and egg molding tools to produce a perfect egg packaging. A cost-efficient dryer can save much energy consumption and effectively dry wet products by consuming coal, diesel, wood, natural gas or other energies etc.


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Egg Packaging Machine