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Egg Filler Flats Machine

Combining with many year molded pulp packaging experience, MAX Molded Pulp manufacture a new model egg filler flats machine. MAX new designed egg filler flats machine can produce egg molded pulp packaging from 1000pcs to 10000pcs by PLC.


MAX egg filler flats with robust egg molding tools significantly reduce the molded pulp products defect avoiding inconformity weight of egg tray, un-flat egg tray and defect shape egg packaging. Our molded pulp machine averagely absorbs the pulp and forms the egg packaging so our machine makes a high standard egg tray/box/carton packaging. There are four sections in the egg filler flats system including hydraulic pulper, pulp forming machine (egg filler flat machine), drying machine and packing & stacking machine. For the drying machine, conveyor belt microwave dryer is also a good method to dry pulp products.


When the market demands other molded pulp products, the demands of egg tray packaging decrease, you also can change moulds to produce new products like fruit tray (apple tray, pear tray, avocado tray), coffee cup holder, fast food drink holder, medical disposable molded pulp and other industrial tray and box. Hence, our machine offers client a big molded pulp market and a huge productivity. The flexible drum machine is recognized well by all over the clients


Not matter egg filler flats, fruit tray, urine bottle, kidney tray, wine tray, plant cup, drink holder and other industrial electric molded pulp, MAX Molded pulp team can meet with you requirement.

Egg Filler Flat Machine

Egg Box Die