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Economic Europallet Making Machine

Recently, with the development of importing and exporting purposes, pallet is widely used for packing goods. Wooden pallet, plastic pallet and recyclable pallet are the most popular packages. However, there are some disadvantages of wooden and plastic pallets. Wooden pallet is really heavy (about 10kg) so it easily hurt people. In addition, the nails of wooden pallet could easily destroy products after a few times use. The worst part is that it wastes wood resource, and could not recycle it. Plastic pallet is lightweight, but it is expensive and not recyclable either.


When wooden pallet and plastic pallet with goods exported, wooden pallets are needed heat treatment in order to kill insect; plastic is with high prices cost, and is not able to export to some area where only except recycled material. Hence, the recyclable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective pulp pallet is dramatically replacing traditional pallet. We assess recyclable pallet from above factors.


We carry out an experiment: We weight 2 tons of sand on the pulp pallet for 40 hours on static state. In addition, we make another experiment on dynamic state. We initially delivery goods from QINGDAO China to LA US, and unload goods then load new products to Mexico. The whole delivery times take about 40 shipping day. The pulp pallet is still usable in a good condition.


In the economic way, if we produce 120.000.00 pulp pallets, one pulp pallet is 5.67kg, 176 europallets consume 1 tons paper. 80% of material is recycled pulp, and 20% are original pulp. If we use 120,000.00 pulp recycled pallet instead of wooden pallet, we will save 2046 cubic meter wood. One plastic pallet is about 5kg, 120,000.00 plastic pallets are 600 tons. So we reduce 600 tons of plastic material annually. In addition, recyclablable pulp pallet is only half price of wooden pallet.


MAX Pulp Package offers the outstanding recyclable pallet to worldwide customers.


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