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About us

Are you considering making your own pulp package or purchase pulp package? Are you looking for a sustainable pulp packaging solution? Have you searched for a quality pulp machine and just don’t have an idea what meet with your demand? MAX Molded Pulp offers either standard pulp package or pulp making machinery set up.


If you do not have confidence to set up a pulp molding machine, you are willing to initiate into industry. Importing the molded pulp package will be a good strategy. MAX Molded  could manufacture the pulp package or the complete pulp molding machine. We believe that pulp Package is about more than just a cardboard box. It entails effectively advertising product and transporting. We are committed to create functional packaging for use in many industries. Among those cup holder, corrugated cardboard pallet, electronics, wine, food, components, medical devices and educational. Especially we are now manufacturing and offer is the Pulp Europallet. The recycled pallets is being used as an alternative for export purposes. It is lighter than a wood pallet, and it is totally recyclable.


Why MAX Pulp Packaging?


Low raw material cost, pulp package is made from recycled or used paper.


Reduced green taxes: compliance with all EU and American Legislation.


Lightweight pulp pallet suits for air delivery.


Modern manufacturing process means low cost piece part.


Pulp resists damp (water, grease, blood) and carries no electrostatic charge nor generates dust.


Manufacturing process enables repeatable dimensional accuracy continuously.


100% recyclable, biodegradable, complies with statutory regulations.


Endless lifespan: after use the pulp products return to the paper recycling chain.


MAX Pulp Package